Diana Cole

Vice President

Diana Cole | Vice President

By Michael | Posted: June 26, 2021 4:35 pm | Last updated: June 27, 2021

JACKSONVILLE FLORIDADiana started in 1999 when she and Bob bought the company. Formerly, she worked meticulously at Merrill Lynch excelling in the financial / investment market and in supporting clients. She has brought that analytical skillset to Florida Sound but has balanced that with amazing qualities like compassion, generosity, and humility. Bob knows he got a true gem in Diana and she feels the same about him. While not being a person who likes a lot of change, she certainly has faced it head on and has adapted to it. Like so many, Diana has also come face-to-face with much adversity. But she has handled it in a way that stirs us on to learn from her example – to not just go through it, but to grow through it.


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Diana Cole

Vice President

And Diana, we thank you for supporting Bob on this wonderful adventure and helping us grow.

Diana Cole – Certifications & Accomplishments

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Diana Cole

At Father-in-law's Book Signing | “Gems for the Journey”
Robert & Diana Cole | 2007

2007 | Robert & Diana at His Dad's Book Signing | “Gems for the Journey”

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Puzzled at the prospect of finding the right company to handle your design needs?

Before a system is installed, it has to be designed. A properly designed audiovisual system can make the difference between dull and muddled or bright and clear. Sound systems especially are affected by the acoustics of a room. If that isn’t taken into account, you can throw all the money and premium electronic gadgets at a job, and you will still not achieve the clarity of a less expensive system that has been properly designed. Even things like air conditioning systems can affect the intelligibility of a sound system.

If you are in the market for a new audiovisual system, make sure that it is properly designed before any equipment is ever proposed, let alone installed. We can help make the pieces fit.

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