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Since 1968 we have been designing, installing, and servicing sound systems.



No local competitors have been in business as long.


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Florida Sound has a one-year installation labor warranty.


Premiere Audiovisual Design, Installation, and Service

While our audiovisual systems are out of this world, we mainly serve North Florida and South Georgia, on Earth. Sorry Jupiter.

We specialize in pro sound and video systems for businesses and churches. Our expertise includes the education field, entertainment industry, hospitality, medical, military, government, and worship services.

We are the premier audiovisual integrators

Premier Audiovisual Integrators

+ Progressive

Continually striving for perfection

Our past is important but we don’t live there. We stay on top of new technologies and methods. Our technicians are certified through testing and training.

+ Reliable & Stable

For over half a century

Large and small businesses, churches, and organizations have relied on us to install and keep their system at peak performance for years. Speaking of years and stability, Florida Sound has been around longer than any local competitor – since 1968.

+ Best-in-class

Leader | Top 🐶 | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Not only have we been around for over half a century, we have spent that time as a leader in state-of-the-art design, installation, and servicing of sound and video systems. We make wise choices on quality of equipment recommendations. We also invest in our team members so they stay at the top of their game and more importantly, we encourage them to lead by example.

Woof! 🐕


Florida Sound has been around longer than any local competitor – since 1968 – delighting thousands of satisfied customers.


Our past is important but we don’t live there. We stay on top of new technologies and methods. Our technicians are certified through testing and training.

We stand for truth loyalty and integrity

We stand for…

+ Truth

Definition of “Truth”

“The quality of being in accord with fact or reality. Truth is a comprehensive term that in all of its nuances implies accuracy and honesty.” (

+ Loyalty

Definition of “Loyalty”

“Faithful to a person, ideal, custom, cause, or duty.” (

+ Integrity

Definition of “Integrity”

“Uncompromising adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character.” (”

+ Where did “Stand” / “Fall” adage come from?

“If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”

According to Quote Investigator: “An interesting precursor for the saying appeared in a Methodist church announcement in an Iowa newspaper from 1926. The word order and meaning were distinct, but the keywords were the same. In 1927 the same precursor was printed as a “Sermonogram” in an Ohio newspaper:  ‘It is easier to fall for anything than to stand for something.'”


We are a family-run business that believes in qualities like integrity, loyalty, and truth.

Everything we do is by design
Everything we do is by design

How Design Benefits an Audiovisual System

+ Aesthetics

Look sharp, people.

We take into consideration how the system will look and blend into your environment. Also, each customer may have different ideas of what should be minimized and what should stand out.

+ Room/Venue Acoustics & Lighting

Echo, echo, echo…

Okay, we couldn’t resist with the “echo” usage. But it is true, you could invest in the highest quality equipment and still have issues with intelligibility. The same is true with washed-out images on a screen, if lighting and placement aren’t considered in the design.

Let us “echo” these sentiments: We can help you, we can help you. Okay, running it in the ground, you think? Yes, we can help you solve complex audiovisual system problems with better design. ‘Nuff said.

+ Cost


Yes, the bottom line, what is the cost? Everyone has budgetary requirements. We understand shrinking client budgets and know how to make them work for you. For example, “we’ll look for alternate pieces of equipment that offer more bang for the buck,” stated Robert Cole, president of Florida Sound. “Most projects don’t need lots of bells and whistles. They require raw horsepower and performance. We’ll look for alternative equipment, for less money, with the same specifications or better.”

If you would like to learn more about our philosophy on “value engineering” please read the entire insightful interview of our president, Robert Cole, found in Sound & Communications magazine.

+ Ease of Use

Keep it Simple

We are system integrators and we work hard to integrate equipment and simplicity of use. While the system backend might involve programming, network protocols, and com