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Supply Chain | Update

By: Michael | Last updated: December 8, 2022

SUPPLY: ⚠️Delays

Global supply chain issues:  Material and labor shortages, manufacturing delays, increased lead times and costs, border closures, wars, and reallocations of supplies are out of our control and are affecting our ability to schedule deliveries and installation at this time.  Current delays for some equipment can be 6 months or more.

Fuel costs have also led to surcharges being imposed on shipping and services. Our team is working hard to minimize the impact and reduce costs. However, we are not immune to the global issues at hand. We will continue to be forthright and communicate information as we know it.

The situation is ever changing so please contact us for the latest.

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Products that Keep Working

"We have hand-selected the brands we work with and the majority have worked with us for many years. We are confident of their quality and that shows through our one-year labor warranty."*

*Equipment warranties are at the discretion of the respective manufacturers, but we will assist with getting it fixed, even providing loaner equipment, if available, for systems that we installed in the last year. Try that with Amazon.

While we do sell equipment from our warehouse, our main objective is not a "box sale" but rather an impressive customer experience by providing guidance, training, and integration services.


Brands we Trust and Use

The manufacturer's logo is a registered® / trademark™ of each respective independent vendor.

Partial listing of products, equipment, & vendors. For a complete line card and availability please contact us.



Florida Sound has used a few of these vendors, like Shure, for over 50 years! We give them 5-stars for their innovation, dependability, and support.

And while we have had lengthy relationships with most of our vendors, there are some newcomers and we are always looking for cutting-edge products that are easy to use, reliable, and cost effective. Old friends and new friends – healthy relationships.

If we have worked that hard to have healthy relationships with our vendors, what effort will we put towards your project? Now, can you better comprehend when we say that we stand for truth, loyalty, and integrity?

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Design | AV System Integration


Puzzled at the prospect of finding the right company to handle your design needs?

Before a system is installed, it has to be designed. A properly designed audiovisual system can make the difference between dull and muddled or bright and clear. Sound systems especially are affected by the acoustics of a room. If that isn’t taken into account, you can throw all the money and premium electronic gadgets at a job, and you will still not achieve the clarity of a less expensive system that has been properly designed. Even things like air conditioning systems can affect the intelligibility of a sound system.

If you are in the market for a new audiovisual system, make sure that it is properly designed before any equipment is ever proposed, let alone installed. We can help make the pieces fit.

Picture: San Juan Del Rio Church | Equipment Rack | Design