Kenneth M. Niblick


August 1, 1956 - July 6, 2016 

Kenny Niblick

Kenny Niblick


Kenny started working at Florida Sound back in 1985 and for 31 years was known for getting it done right, at a pace that promoted quality.  Details were his thing and everyone who came in contact with him benefited from his drive for perfection. Kenny was always on the cutting edge of technology and at the same time demonstrated the expertise of a master craftsman.  If he didn't know how something worked, he would figure it out.  If he didn’t know you, he would figure you out. At times he would quietly work on a project for hours by himself – he was in his zone. And at other times he would engage you in conversation that had no end in sight. If you listened, you could learn. He was a friend that has been silenced by a hideous disease – but the more I think about it, his mild mannered demeanor and skill set continue to speak volumes!  



What Others are Saying...

In thinking what I could say about Kenny, it is pretty easy, by just simply stating the truth. He was an honest, good hearted man. He was the type of person that makes you a better person just by knowing him. I had the pleasure of knowing him personally and working with him for many years. Even though I have not been in close contact with him the last few years, his loss pains me deeply. There was always a circle of us that worked and played together for over 40 years. I will personally work at reestablishing this circle of professional friends and look forward to seeing them in celebrating Kenny's life.

Keith and Jackie Tuenge (Keith was a former co-worker)